Build your IoT project with SensorOcean. You prototype IoT devices, we help to make it a complete solution.


SensorOcean is an easy-to-use IoT platform that transforms your IoT device to an application with data visualization, monitoring, and workflow.

Easy to connect your network of sensors and devices via MQTT broker

High-performance controller designed to work both in the cloud and on edge environment

Manage your networks of sensors through an intuitive web application

Robust workflow with ruleset and script engine to automate various scenarios of data processing

Secured API with GraphQL query language to access data from your sensors

Discover and operate your sensors with a plug-and-play approach

Geolocation and time-series enabled features

Network and data visualization, charts and dashboards

Create and manage a team of users to work with your IoT project

Webhooks to integrate your solution with any third-party application


The SensorOcean platform operates IoT and software components at three levels: a network of sensors, edge, and cloud.


A network is a set of sensors and actuators (devices) connected to the platform through a gateway. We are working on making the platform hardware agnostic, so it supports different types of sensors, formats, and protocols. At the moment, the SensorOcean controller is fully integrated with the ​MySensors​, open-source hardware and software solutions that work perfectly for IoT prototyping and DIY projects using affordable components like Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, NRF24L01+ and RFM69.

With MySensors you can develop a network of various sensors and devices connected via a radio interface to WiFi-enabled gateways. We provide a few simple examples of sensor and gateway sketches. You can find more information at MySensors

In fact, you can add any IoT device to the SensorOcean platform, even if it does not support MySensors. Just send its data to the SensorOcean MQTT broker.


Our controller can be placed in both the cloud and on the edge, in the same network with the sensors. The SensorOcean IoT platform provides a cloud version of the controller, a solution that provides secure, high performance and robust operation of your sensors. We believe that it works perfectly in most cases. Nevertheless, we support edge deployment of the controller and MQTT broker for enterprise-level IoT applications.


The cloud components of the SensorOcean platform are based on a high-performance time-series database, secured server core and API, messaging services, and the application. We consider security and data privacy as a top priority. Therefore, you can access your data through the application and API (GraphQL) only. The SensorOcean scalable cloud infrastructure is being constantly monitored and adjusted to support all your projects. Also, we are working on the development of AI-based solutions to provide data insights services.


The SensorOcean IoT platform focuses on providing services for makers, startups, and companies that develop IoT solutions. Our pricing approach is based on the “pay-as-you-go” principle.

With the basic “Nebula” package, you can create up to ​10 networks of sensors​, and process up to ​500K records​ a month free of charge​.

We believe it is enough to prototype your IoT solution or make a home do-it-yourself project. As you grow, you probably need to operate more sensors and process a larger volume of IoT records. In that case you can purchase extra packages, so you can grow your business with SensorOcean.


For makers. Create your IoT universe.

Networks: 10

Volume: 500K records per month
+ $0.1 per 1000 over limit records

Start Free


For prototyping. Disrupt the universe with your ​IoT idea.

Networks: 20

Volume: 1M records per month
+ ​$0.07 per 1000 over limit records

Team size: 20

1 Month: $39
1 Year: $36/month


For startups. Can they find your constellation in the IoT sky?

Networks: 30

Volume: 3M records per month
+ $0.06 per 1000 over limit records ​

Team size: 30

1 Month: $99
1 Year: $92/month


For business. Grow your ​IoT galaxy with us

Networks: 100

Volume: 10M records per month
+ ​ $0.05 per 1000 over limit records

Team size: 100

1 Month: $299
1 Year: $277/month

Need a custom solution?

We are happy to help. Please, ​contact us​ to get an offer!

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How to use it?

  • 1. Register at
  • We constantly develop and improve the platform. Therefore, at the moment, we grant access to the platform by request only. Please, send us a message , say a few words about the project, and we will get back to you with a redeem code that you can use in the registration process.

  • 2. Create a network, and copy its Gateway ID
  • 3. Use your SensorOcean credentials and the Gateway ID in the sketch to connect the gateway to the SensorOcean MQTT broker
  • 4. The SensorOcean automatically collects information about your nodes and sensors
  • 5. Use the application to manage the network of sensors, automate workflow and use cases, share it with your project team. See the screenshots below.
  • Please, check the Wiki for more details
Dashboard Statistics
Network Setup
Team and Project

Leave us your feedback

We have been developing the platform, so we welcome your comments, thoughts and suggestions. Drop us a message to email, or ​create a ticket​ in the GitHub Support.